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About Us

Presenting Top Class Aromatic Spice Blend from Suboneyo Group

SUBONEYO SO TASTTY is the first ever Premium Grade Taste Enhancer and taste blaster that is used across various cuisines in India. SO TASTTY is not a simple masala but is unique blend of precious spices in such a manner that it efficiently IMPROVES the taste buds with the help of the food ingredients already present.
After a long R & D, we have started a novel FMCG product named Suboneyo’s SO Tastty Masala - Taste and Flavor Blaster under Sampatti Industries. It is a unique Authentic Spice blend which is used to improve the taste and blasts the flavour of food just by dusting the blend (mix) on various food dishes once they are prepared. This product is made out of various carefully processed natural spices ingredients which are the premium ingredients. This product is to be sprinkled after the dish is ready prepared.
Suboneyo’s SO TASTTY masala is an emerging brand and have one unique novel product which has a unique blend of High-Quality Premium Grade spices such as Chilly, Coriander, Cumin, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Garlic, Onion, Cardamom etc.. These all ingredients when come together gives the immense fragnance and blasting taste to our taste buds.
This product can be used over any vegetable, pasta, noodles, fryms , poppadum’s, fresh veggies salads, ice-cream. To make your daily food more yummylicious this product has been introduced.

so tasty


Suboneyo’s objective is to strengthen and merge its driving position at the edge of innovation in the nutrients and food area to meet the demands of our desired customers around the world, for the betterment of their health, wellbeing and prosperity.


To provide the best quality of product to our customers and always have something innovative in this fast-growing world. To develop novel solution in food area to people without comprising on freshness, nutrients, and healthy values of food. To be a leader in whatever product we develop and offer. It should reach each person who eats food and PAN India is our aim. Also, our aim is to spread the power of the INDIAN spices across the globe.


Our mission is to let our customers know about the Indian brand and engage them in the taste created on the same mother land. We believe in what makes people demand for more tastty products, as it’s a right blend of quality and value.


A very big achievement for Suboneyo SO Tastty: Suboneyo SO Tastty masala was used in Baingan Bharit (which is famous food of khandesh in winter as eggplant is very well known fruit in Maharashtra), which was made at a huge quantity of 4500kg in a super huge vessel, which was later featured in the Guinness world book of record.
Suboneyo’s SO Tastty masala got the award for best product and best booth in the Rover Event.